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Luxury item with multiple and ancestral uses, saffron is coming from the dried stigmas of the flower of the same name. It was used in Mesopotamia -4.500 years ago. Spice, seasoning, perfume, and dye which is a symbol of refinement because of its scarcity, saffron is widespread in Ancient Greece, in Egypt, in the Phenician world, in Persia, in the Middle East, as well as in the Indochinese cultures.

Also famous for its medical and cosmetic virtues, saffron is said to have been introduced for the first time in Morocco in the 7th century at the time of the Arab conquests. Today, Taliouine (Morocco), known for the quality of its soil and its know-how, produces 95% of the Moroccan saffron. Considered as being the best of Morocco, the saffron from Taliouine is an entirely natural product which is characterized by its great purity.

Three major assets are behind its quality and its fame around the whole world. First of all, its coloring power on the one hand, which is related to its crocin content (259.54). Saffron is also appreciated for the quality of his flavor rich in picrocrocin (97.13), which accounts for the taste. Lastly, its great flavor thanks to a high safranal content (33.14) also contributes to classify it among the first-rate saffrons.


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